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9tut.net for ICND 1 & ICND 2 has been launched!

June 1st, 2011 Go to comments

Today, I am happy to announce the launch of 9tut.net website which is built mainly for CCNA candidates who get the CCNA certification by taking two exams ICND 1 and ICND 2. In 9tut.net you will find the OSPF lab sim that many readers here debate about its existence in the CCNA 640-802 exam. The answer is no, you will only see it in the ICND 2 exam.

Some labs and questions in ICND1 & ICND2 are similar to the composite CCNA exam so it is a good way to test yourself with different IP addresses and subnet masks on both sites. I also added some new CCNA 640-802 questions in this site. Hope you will enjoy this new site and good luck to all in your exam!

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  1. fraz
    March 31st, 2017

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  2. Anonymous
    March 31st, 2017

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  3. Anonymous
    March 31st, 2017

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    April 3rd, 2017

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  5. Troco
    April 12th, 2017

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  6. Troco
    April 12th, 2017

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    April 18th, 2017

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