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CCNA – Switch Questions 2

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Question 1

Question 2

Question 3


Only router can break up broadcast domains but in this exhibit no router is used so there is only 1 broadcast domain.

For your information, there are 7 collision domains in this exhibit (6 collision domains between hubs & switches + 1 collision between the two switches).

Question 4


From the output we notice that the administrator has just shut down Interface Vlan1, which is the default VLAN so no one can access it remotely (like telnet) -> B is correct.

Answer A is not correct as STP calculation does not depend on which port comes up first or last. STP recalculates when there is a change in the network.

A normal switch can operate without VLAN -> C is not correct.

This IOS does support VLAN because it has VLAN 1 on it -> D is not correct.

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  1. phonethihakyaw
    August 2nd, 2015

    questions are not appear.what happened?

  2. Asaq
    August 2nd, 2015

    Because of copyrighted issue, 9tut had to remove the questions. You can download them at http://www.mediafire.com/view/2r1tai7xqa05qub/CCNAquestions_Jul_7_2015.pdf

  3. MEGHA
    August 3rd, 2015

    questions are not being displayed wats the problem

  4. Cisco ready
    August 10th, 2015
  5. Cisco ready
    August 10th, 2015

    I ment since this is august is the pdf from july still good and valid

  6. Mohsin rao
    August 31st, 2015

    questions arent available????

  7. Jonathan
    September 4th, 2015

    Did someone passed the test recently using this questions?

  8. Sophearak (Cambodian)
    October 16th, 2015

    Where can I find question?

  9. Husnain
    October 18th, 2015

    confused :( .. where are questions?? only answers and explanation is available..

  10. 9tut
    October 19th, 2015

    @You can find the newest questions and answers at: http://www.9tut.com/ccna-questions-and-answers

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  13. Anonymous
    January 13th, 2016

    where is Q1,2,3???????

  14. Ankh
    January 21st, 2016

    You need a graphic for q

  15. Ankh
    January 21st, 2016

    whoops, you need a graphic for q2

  16. #zbm
    February 5th, 2016

    Hi i am about to write my ccna end of this month can someone verify if the July 7 2015 Qs and As is valid.

  17. Rizwan
    February 12th, 2016

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  18. packa
    May 12th, 2016

    Hi i am about to write my ccna end of this month can someone verify if the July 7 2015 Qs and As is valid

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    June 23rd, 2016

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    July 9th, 2016

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    August 4th, 2016

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    September 26th, 2016

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  29. Anonymous
    October 11th, 2016

    hi 9 tut
    please notice i think q2 is not correct
    the answer should be E. Switch1 (config)# interface fa0/1
    Switch 1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

  30. Avinka
    November 11th, 2016

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  32. mohmad
    January 3rd, 2017

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