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CCNA – Drag and Drop 4

March 3rd, 2015 Go to comments

Here you will find answers to CCNA Drag and Drop Questions – Part 4

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3


To specify when we use crossover cable or straight-through cable, we should remember:
Group 1: Router, Host(PC), Server
Group 2: Hub, Switch
One device in group 1 + One device in group 2: use straight-through cable
Two devices in the same group: use crossover cable

For example: we use straight-through cable to connect switch to router, switch to host, hub to host, hub to server… and we use crossover cable to connect switch to switch, switch to hub, router to router, host to host… ).

+ We can connect a modem to router auxiliary port using a rollover cable. Recall that the purpose of the router’s auxiliary port is for connecting to a modem and most Cisco routers have a second port on the back called the auxiliary port. We can use this port in case of a far-away router goes down, the administrator can have someone in the area go to the router, plug in a modem and access to the router remotely (if using the console port, we have to go to the site to work with that router).

+ We can connect a PC serial port to a switch/router console port through the RJ-45 to DB-9 or RJ-45 to DB-25 adapter (at the PC end), depending on the computer.

Question 4



Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is a Cisco proprietary routing protocol, so it is vendor-specific. By default, EIGRP internal routes have an administrative distance value of 90.

OSPF uses cost as its metric. By default, the cost of an interface is calculated based on bandwidth with the formula cost= 10000 0000/bandwith (in bps). OSPF elects a DR on each broadcast and nonbroadcast multiaccess networks (like Ethernet and Frame Relay environments, respectively). It doesn’t elect a DR on point-to-point link (like a serial WAN).

Question 5


WAN operates in the two lowest layers which are Data Link and Physical layers.

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  1. ismael
    November 5th, 2013

    can somebody explain Q5

  2. sameer
    November 23rd, 2013

    the answer of Q5 is not correct>>data link & Network

  3. Ali
    November 24th, 2013

    It is a tricky question.
    WAN is just a bigger LAN.
    While LAN uses Ethernet, WAN uses other technologies like; Frame Relay and Leased Lines.
    WAN is a single network with long distance, so no layer 3 is needed.

  4. john
    November 28th, 2013

    @ismael : let’s say it like this. if your at home and your computer is connected to the internet, you are using an ethernet to your router/modem and serial cables on the internet side. so you are using physical layer. and for the data link, those links needed an encapsulation method for things like authentication. sorry for my grammar

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    January 30th, 2014

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  9. moataz
    March 10th, 2014

    Explain Q5
    1 is the physical layer, 2 the MAC layer, you don’t really need layer 3 as you could make one large network, layer 3 is needed when you break the LAN’s into different network so routing comes in at that point.

    Now to answer your question, in essence you are correct, there are damn few WANS that would be running on L2, those that do would more than likely be running a VLAN to isolate some of the traffic and L3 to route other traffic.

  10. Anonymous
    May 13th, 2014

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    July 6th, 2014

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  12. James
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  13. Anonymous
    July 21st, 2014

    @Anonymous – good you don’t give up. But please be careful to learn concepts and not only memorize.

  14. ramos1987
    July 30th, 2014

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  16. jp0427
    October 7th, 2014

    Question #2 on my exam last Sunday, 2014/10/5.

    Thanks a lot 9tut. Almost all questions were from here except for two.
    Had the EIGRP and ACL 1 sims.

  17. Loay
    October 19th, 2014

    Q2 is exam question yesterday

  18. Dany
    October 30th, 2014

    question 2 was on my exam yesterday.

  19. AK
    October 31st, 2014

    For question 5 explanation.

    WAN operates at datalink and physical. (layer 1 and 2)


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  21. venkat
    November 18th, 2014

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  22. james
    November 25th, 2014


    you are wrong. Q5 answer is correct : WAN operates under Data link and physical layer.

    Pls read.

  23. qammar razzaq
    December 7th, 2014

    @AK thanks

  24. tij
    January 3rd, 2015

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    January 9th, 2015

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  32. Himalay
    March 20th, 2015

    The IP upper layer protocol is same for WAN & LAN from Network Layer to Application layer.
    LAN & WAN technology differs in Physical and data link layer. That’s why correct answer is Physical and Data Link layer

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  37. Jeff
    June 11th, 2015

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  38. anon
    June 15th, 2015


    Q3 is incorrect, Router to PC is Straight through

  39. Anonymous
    June 17th, 2015


    Devices that transmit and receive on the same pins require cross-over

    Devices that transmit on pins 1,2 and receive on 3,6

    1) PC


    3)Wireless Access Point AP

    4) Networked printers

    Devices that transmit on pins 3,6 and receive on 1,2




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    What will happen if a private IP address is assigned to a public interface connected to an ISP?
    A. Addresses in a private range will be not be routed on the Internet backbone.
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    C. The NAT process will be used to translate this address to a valid IP address.
    D. A conflict of IP addresses happens, because other public routers can use the same range.
    Answer: A
    What are three values that must be the same within a sequence of packets for Netflow to consider
    them a network flow? (Choose three.)
    A. source IP address
    B. source MAC address
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    E. destination IP address
    F. IP next-hop
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