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Note: If you are not sure about HSRP and GLBP, please read our HSRP tutorial and GLBP tutorial.

Question 1


With HSRP, two or more devices support a virtual router with a fictitious MAC address and unique IP address. There are two version of HSRP.

+ With HSRP version 1, the virtual router’s MAC address is 0000.0c07.ACxx , in which xx is the HSRP group.
+ With HSRP version 2, the virtual MAC address is 0000.0C9F.Fxxx, in which xxx is the HSRP group.

Note: Another case is HSRP for IPv6, in which the MAC address range from 0005.73A0.0000 through 0005.73A0.0FFF.

-> A is correct.

(Good resource for HSRP: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast/configuration/guide/l3_hsrp.html)

Question 2


The virtual MAC address of HSRP version 1 is 0000.0C07.ACxx, where xx is the HSRP group number in hexadecimal based on the respective interface. For example, HSRP group 10 uses the HSRP virtual MAC address of 0000.0C07.AC0A. HSRP version 2 uses a virtual MAC address of 0000.0C9F.FXXX (XXX: HSRP group in hexadecimal)

For more information about HSRP operation, please read our HSRP tutorial.

Question 3


Object tracking is the process of tracking the state of a configured object and uses that state to determine the priority of the VRRP router in a VRRP group -> B is correct.

(Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/unicast/configuration/guide/l3_cli_nxos/l3_vrrp.html#wp1074871)

Note: Unlike HSRP which can track interface status directly, VRRP can only track interface status through a tracked object.

Question 4


One disadvantage of HSRP and VRRP is that only one router is in use, other routers must wait for the primary to fail because they can be used. However, Gateway Load Balancing Protocol (GLBP) can use of up to four routers simultaneously. In GLBP, there is still only one virtual IP address but each router has a different virtual MAC address. First a GLBP group must elect an Active Virtual Gateway (AVG). The AVG is responsible for replying ARP requests from hosts/clients. It replies with different virtual MAC addresses that correspond to different routers (known as Active Virtual Forwarders – AVFs) so that clients can send traffic to different routers in that GLBP group (load sharing).

Question 5

Question 6


A GLBP group only has a maximum of four AVFs. If there are more than 4 gateways in a GLBP group then the rest will become Standby Virtual Forwarder (SVF) which will take the place of a AVF in case of failure -> A is not correct.

HSRP and GLBP are Cisco proprietary -> C is not correct.

Only one gateway is elected to be the Active Virtual Gateway (AVG) for that group -> F is not correct.

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  1. THE RIGHT Answer!!!
    November 9th, 2015

    New question in HSRP VRRP GLBP:

    Which one is the industry standard for First Hop Routing Protocol? (not verbatim, but on exam)
    a) HSRP
    B) VRRP
    C) DHCP
    D) GLBP

    Q3 was on the exam.

    Not sure which is the answer. Please do your own research, I passed! Done deal.

    Thank you 9tut!

  2. blahalt
    November 10th, 2015

    The answer for the ‘industry standard Protocol’ is VRRP (B)

  3. THE RIGHT Answer!!!
    November 10th, 2015

    goood stuff! i got that one wrong!!

  4. samir
    December 3rd, 2015

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  5. Joe
    December 5th, 2015

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  6. Rawie
    December 8th, 2015

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  7. joseph
    December 14th, 2015

    question 2 about HSRP:
    on real CCNA exam instead of virtual MAC term MA+K44C is used.

  8. NetTech
    December 23rd, 2015

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  9. prites
    December 31st, 2015

    New question in HSRP VRRP GLBP:

    Which one is the industry standard for First Hop Routing Protocol? (not verbatim, but on exam)
    a) HSRP
    B) VRRP
    C) DHCP
    D) GLBP

    Answer : VRRP

    VRRP or Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is a form of FHRP or First Hop Redundancy Protocol. VRRP is an open standard FHRP that achieves availability and reliability of routing paths via automatic default gateway selections on an IP subnetwork by creating virtual routers. HSRP or Hot Standby Router Protocol is a Cisco-proprietary redundancy protocol that provides high network availability by providing first-hop redundancy for IP hosts on an IEEE 802 LAN configured with a default gateway IP address. GLBP or Gateway Load Balancing Protocol is also a Cisco-proprietary protocol that works like HSRP and VRRP but overcomes the limitation of existing FHRPs by adding a load balancing mechanism.

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  22. Jaz
    August 6th, 2016

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