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Note: If you are not sure about Spanning Tree Protocol, please read our Spanning Tree Protocol STP Tutorial (Premium Tutorial).

Question 1


First by comparing their MAC addresses we learn that switch B will be root bridge as it has lowest MAC. Therefore all of its ports are designated ports -> C & D are correct.

On the link between switch A & switch C there must have one designated port and one non-designated (blocked) port. We can figure out which port is designated port by comparing their MAC address again. A has lower MAC so Fa0/1 of switch A will be designated port while Fa0/1 of switch C will be blocked -> B is correct.

Question 2


The path cost to the root bridge is the most important value to determine which port will become the root port on each non-root switch. In particular, the port with lowest cost to the root bridge will become root port (on non-root switch).

Question 3


Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) maintains a spanning tree instance for each VLAN configured in the network. It means a switch can be the root bridge of a VLAN while another switch can be the root bridge of other VLANs in a common topology. For example, Switch 1 can be the root bridge for Voice data while Switch 2 can be the root bridge for Video data. If designed correctly, it can optimize the network traffic.

Question 4

Question 5


If we connect two switches via 2 or more links and do not enable STP on these switches then a loop (which creates multiple copies of the same unicast frame) will occur. It is an example of an improperly implemented redundant topology.

Question 6


Answer A is not correct because Host A & B can access the server in VLAN 9 via Switch1 -> Switch2 -> Switch3 path.

Answer B is not correct because VLAN3 can communicate with other VLANs via port Fa0/7 on Switch1

Answer C is not correct because Host B can transfer files to VLAN 9 via Switch1 -> Switch2 -> Switch3 path. All the links on this path are FastEthernet so we cannot it would be significantly slower.

Answer D is the best choice as Fa0/9 on Switch1 may be the main path to reach VLAN 9 and it is in forwarding state. If the cable connected to Fa0/9 is disconnected, STP needs less than a minute to re-converge (moving from blocking -> listening -> learning -> forwarding state). Then the network function would resume and Host B will access VLAN 9 via Switch1 -> Switch2 -> Switch3 path.

Question 7


PVST+ is based on IEEE802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). But PVST+ has only 3 port states (discarding, learning and forwarding) while STP has 5 port states (blocking, listening, learning, forwarding and disabled). So discarding is a new port state in PVST+.

Question 8

Question 9


Spanning Tree Protocol convergence (Layer 2 convergence) happens when bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking state. When layer 2 is converged, root bridge is elected and all port roles (Root, Designated and Non-Designated) in all switches are selected.

Question 10

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  1. sahar
    August 8th, 2015

    why question are not displayed????

  2. jframone
    August 8th, 2015

    i need to study where are the questions!

  3. cam
    August 10th, 2015

    where are the actual questions? I see explanations, which are kind of useless if you don’t know what the question is, so please what am i missing? where are the questions?

  4. abc
    August 11th, 2015

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  5. rajesh
    October 19th, 2015

    where is the question?

  6. 9tut
    October 19th, 2015

    @rajesh: You can find the newest questions and answers at: http://www.9tut.com/ccna-questions-and-answers

  7. cdfergus
    October 24th, 2015

    On Q6 – If host B was in VLAN 9 I can understand the answer. But the host B is in VLAN 3 and must be routed to VLAN 9. There is no indications as to why vlan 9 traffic does not go through Sw2>Sw3 instead of S2>S1>S3 to get to the server in Vlan 9. Am I missing something?

  8. john
    November 10th, 2015

    where can i get the questions?
    plz guide me frnds.

  9. shivanand
    December 8th, 2015

    which command is used to disable stp

  10. Alaa Khaled
    December 14th, 2015

    can anyone explain Q10?

  11. Help
    December 22nd, 2015

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  12. unknown
    December 30th, 2015

    Where are the questions. There are only explanations.

  13. 9tut
    December 30th, 2015

    You can download questions from this link: http://www.9tut.com/ccna-questions-and-answers

  14. unknown
    December 30th, 2015

    9tut where we can find the past questions.. please provide me the questions of WAN, Frame Relay, PPP, DHCP NAT and ACL which answers are here in 9tut. Please..!!!

  15. P4llos
    January 25th, 2016

    i have done my test already and i have noticed that the question 6 has already been corrected. There is no blocking state and instead there is the disgarding state.

  16. P4llos
    January 25th, 2016

    Sorry – discarding*

  17. P4llos
    January 25th, 2016

    Oh, ant was meant to be in RSTP, so.. sorry again..

  18. jamali
    January 29th, 2016

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  21. salman
    February 9th, 2016

    in question 8 actually answer is A, ….because priority 1 cannot be configured…kindly update the answer correctly

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  25. lenilsonsg
    March 6th, 2016


    A problem with network connectivity has been observed. It is suspected that the cable connected to switch port Fa0/9 on Switch1 is disconnected. What would be an effect of this cable being disconnected?
    A. Host B would not be able to access the server in VLAN9 until the cable is reconnected.
    B. Communication between VLAN3 and the other VLANs would be disabled.
    C. The transfer of files from Host B to the server in VLAN9 would be significantly slower.
    D. For less than a minute, Host B would not be able to access the server in VLAN9. Then normal network function would resume.

    Hi everyone, how is possible the option B be true if in the exercise is not mentioned that the cable is reconnected? How letter D is correct? I can not understand and agree with this questions, I support my opinion letter A.

  26. Wizzy
    March 14th, 2016

    @Lenilsonsg – This actually confused me also until i reviewed the diagram again and noticed that F0/9 is actually the trunk between SW1 and SW3 therefore STP will need to determine a new path to SW1 from SW3 therefore: SW3 > SW2 > Then SW1 to VLAN 3.

  27. Anonymous
    March 19th, 2016

    guys please share link for dumps on the latest exam for this year. Will it be the same exam for april 2016?

  28. Anonymous
    March 24th, 2016

    can we have a latest dumps for CCNP route please

  29. Dina Mac
    March 28th, 2016

    Hi @9tut, how do we know what new questions were added and where?

    Thanks :)

  30. Anonymous
    April 7th, 2016

    hey @9tut.com, how I can get the whole question and answer I saw only answers without qeustion

  31. 9tut
    April 7th, 2016

    @Anonymous: You can download the questions at http://www.9tut.com/ccna-questions-and-answers

  32. Anonymous
    April 20th, 2016

    please display the questions

  33. love leo
    April 23rd, 2016

    I am not cleared with question 10, cost is same for all vlans as we can see in the given output, so why its answer is C ?

  34. sonvt38
    May 20th, 2016

    I think answer A, because of non-root bridge must have a root port : f0/1 is BLK so another port must be forwarding

  35. Omar Baloch
    May 22nd, 2016

    @9tut is the “CCNAquestions_Mar2016” pdf form contains latest and most updated updated questions or there are some other/new updates coming along ?

  36. Anonymous
    June 6th, 2016

    Hi, question 10 so yes the costs are shown but vlan 2 must have another interface on that switch with a lower cost to its root bridge. say a cost of 4 on interface 0/11.Remember (Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) maintains a spanning tree instance for each VLAN configured in the network)

    Each vlan can have a different root bridge so different costs

    Hope this helps :)

  37. Win
    June 8th, 2016

    Whats the explanation for Q10

  38. Furqat
    June 19th, 2016

    Which switch would STP choose to become the root bridge in the selection process?
    A. 32768: 11-22-33-44-55-66
    B. 32768: 22-33-44-55-66-77
    C. 32769:11-22-33-44-55-65
    D. 32769: 22-33-44-55-66-78
    Answer is A. But by default it can not be 32768, since there is extra 1 value which makes it 32769. can anyone decribe this issue.

  39. Test
    June 23rd, 2016

    We add 1 because it’s the vlan we’re in, 1 by default.

    I passed today, I got q2 and q7.

  40. Anonymous
    July 9th, 2016

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  41. Tiptip
    July 10th, 2016

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  42. Betty
    July 10th, 2016

    Hi guys,
    I passed CCNA R&S,Thanks 9tute.Could you tell me please Where should I get latest CCNA Security questions and lab.Could you please introduce me the website just like 9tute.

  43. DoubleA
    July 13th, 2016

    Question 10 is not C. It is A.

    Answer C is incorrect, since path cost is NOT always the determining factor, especially whenever there are redundant links between switches with the same path cost to the root bridge. In that case, STP will skip path cost and systematically drop down to a number of other criteria. And since the whole purpose of an “alternate” port is to indicate that a second interface on a switch is found to be connecting to a segment of the network that has a path to the root bridge (I think we can safely assume that this is what is meant by the phrase “root network segment”), we can clearly see that answer A is the correct answer.

    So who’s hiring out there?

  44. ACL
    July 21st, 2016

    @DoubleA I think it’s C. Meaning there is another switch in the topology with a lower cost to the Root Bridge of VLAN2.

  45. Krypt
    August 27th, 2016

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  46. Henry
    September 20th, 2016

    STP is really important..As a lab example you can check also here…

  47. faizanum123
    November 8th, 2016

    in Q.3 i think D is the correct answer.

  48. Leo
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