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CCNA – Troubleshooting 1

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Here you will find answers to Trouble Shooting Questions (Part 1)

Question 1:

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is in a campus building distant from Building B. WANRouter is hosting a newly installed WAN link on interface S0/0. The new link is not functioning and the administrator needs to determine if the correct cable has been attached to the S0/0 interface. How can the administrator accurately verify the correct cable type on S0/0 in the most efficient manner?


A. Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show interfaces S0/0
B. Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show processes S0/0
C. Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show running-configuration
D. Telnet to WANRouter and execute the command show controller S0/0
E. Physically examine the cable between WANRouter S0/0 and the DCE.
F. Establish a console session on WANRouter and execute the command show interfaces S0/0

Answer: D


The show controller command displays the information about the physical interface itself and the type of serial cable plugged into a serial port. In this case, it should be a DTE cable that plugs into a type of data service unit (DSU).

For your understanding, below is the output of this command:


From the output, we notice that serial 0/0 has a DTE cable and would get its clocking from the DSU.

Question 2:

Two routers named Atlanta and Brevard are connected by their serial interfaces as shown in the exhibit, but there is no data connectivity between them. The Atlanta router is known to have a correct configuration. Given the partial configurations shown in the exhibit, what is the problem on the Brevard router that is causing the lack of connectivity?


A. A loopback is not set
B. The IP address is incorrect.
C. The subnet mask is incorrect.
D. The serial line encapsulations are incompatible.
E. The maximum transmission unit (MTU) size is too large.
F. The bandwidth setting is incompatible with the connected interface.

Answer: B

Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit. The two exhibited devices are the only Cisco devices on the network. The serial network between the two devices has a mask of Given the output that is shown, what three statements are true of these devices? (Choose three)


A. The Manchester serial address is
B. The Manchester serial address is
C. The London router is a Cisco 2610.
D. The Manchester router is a Cisco 2610.
E. The CDP information was received on port Serial0/0 of the Manchester router.
F. The CDP information was sent by port Serial0/0 of the London router.

Answer: A C E


From the output, we learn that the IP address of the neighbor router is and the question stated that the subnet mask of the network between two router is Therefore there are only 2 available hosts in this network (22 – 2 = 2). So we can deduce the ip address (of the serial interface) of Manchester router is -> A is correct

The flatform of the neighbor router is cisco 2610, as shown in the output -> C is correct

Maybe the most difficult choice of this question is the answer E or F. Please notice that “Interface” refers to the local port on the local router, in this case it is the port of Manchester router, and “Port ID (outgoing port)” refers to the port on the neighbor router -> E is correct.

Question 4:

A network administrator has configured two switches, named London and Madrid, to use VTP. However, the switches are not sharing VTP messages. Given the command output shown in the graphic, why are these switches not sharing VTP messages?


A. The VTP version is not correctly configured.
B. The VTP operating mode is not correctly configured.
C. The VTP domain name is not correctly configured.
D. VTP pruning mode is disabled.
E. VTP V2 mode is disabled.
F. VTP traps generation is disabled.

Answer: C


In the exhibit, the Domain Names of 2 switches are mismatched (one is “London” and the other is “Madrid”) so these switches do not share VTP messages -> The VTP domain name is not correctly configured. Notice that the Domain Names should be the same on both switches to share VTP messages.

Question 5:

The network shown in the diagram is experiencing connectivity problems. Which of the following will correct the problems? (Choose two.)


A. Configure the gateway on Host A as
B. Configure the gateway on Host B as
C. Configure the IP address of Host A as
D. Configure the IP address of Host B as
E. Configure the masks on both hosts to be
F. Configure the masks on both hosts to be

Answer: B D

Question 6:

Refer to the exhibit:


The network administrator has created a new VLAN on Switch1 and added host C and host D. The administrator has properly configured switch interfaces FastEthernet0/13 through FastEthernet0/24 to be members of the new VLAN. However, after the network administrator completed the configuration, host A could communicate with host B, but host A could not communicate with host C or host D. Which commands are required to resolve this problem?

A. Router(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1.3
Router(config-if)# encapsulation dot1q 3
Router(config-if)# ip address

B. Router(config)# router rip
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# network
Router(config-router)# network

C. Switch1# vlan database
Switch1(vlan)# vtp v2-mode
Switch1(vlan)# vtp domain cisco
Switch1(vlan)# vtp server

D. Switch1(config)# interface fastethernet 0/1
Switch1(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
Switch1(config-if)# switchport trunk encapsulation isl

Answers: A

Question 7:

Refer to the exhibit. Hosts on the same VLAN can communicate with each other but are unable to communicate with hosts on different VLANs. What is needed to allow communication between VLANs?


A. a switch with a trunk link that is configured between the switches
B. a router with an IP address on the physical interface that is connected to the switch
C. a switch with an access link that is configured between the switches
D. a router with subinterfaces configured on the physical interface that is connected to the switch

Answer: D

Question 8:

The show interfaces serial 0/0 command resulted in the output shown in the graphic. What are possible causes for this interface status? (Choose three)


A. The interface is shut down.
B. No keepalive messages are received.
C. The clockrate is not set.
D. No loopback address is set.
E. No cable is attached to the interface.
F. There is a mismatch in the encapsulation type.

Answer: B C F

Question 9:

While troubleshooting a connectivity issue from a PC you obtain the following information:
Local PC IP address:
Default Gateway:

Remote Sever:

You then conduct the following tests from the local PC:
Ping – Successful
Ping – Successful
Ping – Unsuccessful
Ping – Unsuccessful


What is the underlying cause of this problem?

A. A remote physical layer problem exists.
B. The host NIC is not functioning.
C. TCP/IP has not been correctly installed on the host.
D. A local physical layer problem exists.

Answer: D

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  1. Antoanette
    March 19th, 2013

    Excellent video Chris, two thumbs up! I am very new to Networking in gerneal, and I will start a home lab soon. Your presentations are extremely informative and easy to understand for novice like myself. Thanks

  2. Amala
    March 21st, 2013

    The only way that you can get load sharing is to use Link Aggregation Groups. LAG guorps can only be established between connections that are terminating at both ends on the same network device. For the connections to be on the same device then they must be sold to you by the same service provider. Even if they were from the same provider, they would have to be on a device that provided both T1 and Cable connections.Setting up LAG at one end of a group of connections and not at the other end will cause a large number of problems.When there are two connections the network device will use the connection with the highest data rate. As the Cable connection is the highest data rate that is the one that the router will use. The T1 will only provide 1.544 Mbps of connection. You should be able to look at the statistics on each port from the Cisco 1841 router, to determine if there is any data being sent on the T1 or the Cable connection.

  3. pat
    April 14th, 2013

    Can some one please shade more light on question 9? it seems to me that the more correct answer is A!!!

  4. Pasu
    April 16th, 2013

    Can some one please explain me Q 5!
    Can’t two VLANs be in same subnet?

  5. examtaker
    April 16th, 2013

    no. 2 vlans can’t be in the same subnet. The purpose of creating vlan is to separate broadcast domain in a switched internetwork. To accomplish this main goal, each vlan must be configured with separate subnet/subnetwork. But to communicate between vlans, we need layer 3 devices like routers or layer 3 switches. The topology shown in Q5 is called router on a stick, where routers Fa0/0 is divided in to sub-interface, each with separate subnet.
    The rule for creating router on a stick topology is:
    1. the switchport connected to the router must be trunk port
    2. the router interface (Fa0/0 in this case) connected to the switch must be configured with sub interface with separate subnet
    3. the switchport connected to the hosts must be configured with access port with assigned vlan

  6. Pasu
    April 17th, 2013

    Thank you so much for the explanation.
    This was really good. :)

  7. Drx
    April 17th, 2013

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  8. Fraz
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  11. Anonymous
    May 7th, 2013

    can any one explain 2nd qus?

  12. Richard
    May 8th, 2013

    there is no connectivity because their IP add is on difference subnet. It should be the same subnet. Either of the two should follow the subnet of the other one.
    got it?

  13. Anonymous
    May 9th, 2013

    got it..

  14. Strike
    May 14th, 2013

    Can someone please explain why answer on question 9 is D rather than A. if I can ping my loopback and IP address then the problem is not on the PC . It could also be that the interface on the router (gateway ) is shutdown then either case the answer is A or am I missing something ?… thank you in advance

  15. Anonymous
    May 21st, 2013

    looking for latest pass4sure dumps for CCNA exam, please help

  16. Annoyn
    May 24th, 2013

    For Q9

    Local Physical Connection refers to the Host side of the router, remote is the File Server side of the router. If a host cannot ping it’s gateway the problem exists locally. Pinging your loop back means TCP/IP stack is working on your PC. Pinging your own IP address since it’s on the same network dosn’t talk to the router because hit dosn’t have to goto another network. so the bad physical connection is someplace between the switch and router in Q9 in my opinion. I am still just a human and completely capable of error from time to time. feel free to correct me if you feel I’m still incorrect

  17. David Okeri
    June 7th, 2013

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    June 14th, 2013

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  19. Richard
    June 21st, 2013

    local physical connection means L1 has the problem from the cable connection from your from PC (NIC is exluded because it can ping his own IP) to the router.

  20. Norbey
    June 26th, 2013

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  26. ABC
    July 13th, 2013

    Q”: Does anybody knows why the ip address of the Brevard Router is incorrect?

  27. Bill_Ado
    July 24th, 2013

    @ABC, the IP on the Brevard Router is correct, but it’s only that they are on different subnet, thus no way of communicating, in a Point-to-Point connection like what we have in our example, the IPs should be on the same network, otherwise there won’t be able to communicate

  28. Anonymous
    July 27th, 2013

    q9 em exame hje

  29. nino
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    got it

  30. kufkov
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    pls someone shd explain question 5 for me

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  37. Coms
    September 22nd, 2013

    question 9, why not A?

  38. Renato
    September 22nd, 2013

    Remote Physical layer problem would be in another network as but cause you cannot even ping your Default Gateway that is a local physical layer problem.

  39. Anonymous
    September 22nd, 2013

    @ kufkov HostA and HostB on different VLANs therefore require different subnets.

  40. Anonymous
    September 26th, 2013

    Question 4, both routers is in server mode?So is it right?

  41. ayman
    September 30th, 2013

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  46. noname
    September 3rd, 2016

    Is question number 2 a trick question? Because I see the bandwidth on the two routers is different which will cause an issue, but that is not the answer listed.

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