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Checking Lab Challenge 2 (Basic)

September 12th, 2015 Go to comments

Your company has just installed and configured a new router to provide Internet access. Your task is to check the configuration of this router and take notes for future reference. Because of security, the “show running-config” command is disabled on R1.

Note: You are not allowed to configure anything by company policy. The network is operating correctly so just use various “show” commands and “ping” to learn how this network works.


This is the link to access this lab challenge: https://www.9tut.com/lab_challenges/Checking_Configs_Basic/

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  1. Chris
    November 20th, 2015

    I dont know if im correct.
    1. Show ip int br
    2. ping

  2. Wasif
    November 25th, 2015

    show ip interface brief
    show interface e0/0
    show interface s1/0
    ping (e0/0 ip address)

  3. AMRO
    December 8th, 2015

    default route is not configured. show ip route
    NAT is not configured. show ip interface e0/0….show ip interface se1/0

  4. serafo
    January 6th, 2016

    Excellent, thanks.

  5. hmm
    February 17th, 2016

    this is not working. please fix

  6. 9tut
    February 17th, 2016

    @hmm: We are very sorry for the problem. We have just fixed it. Now it is working correctly.

  7. jm
    February 19th, 2016

    The sim is not working on this case.

    It seems to me that there is no way of submitting support requests for lab issues found on this web site.

    I am experiencing issues with another case related to OSPF where the sim does not work.

    Who can help fix this problem?


  8. 9tut
    February 19th, 2016

    @jm: Could you please take a screenshot of your problem and send to support@9tut.com so that we can identify the problem?

  9. danielle
    February 20th, 2016

    The quiz question “what’s the bandwidth of the S0/0 interface?” seems to have a typo.

    The correct answer is 1.5Mbps – but the answer listed as ‘correct’ says 1,544 Mbps (a comma there, indicating one thousand five hundred forty-for).

    Is this a typo or am I silly?

  10. danielle
    February 20th, 2016

    ^^ Meant that as S1/0, apologies.

  11. Junaid Khan
    February 24th, 2016

    show interface command will solve all the asked quiz :-)

  12. 9tut
    February 24th, 2016

    @danielle: Thanks for your detection. We have just fixed that typo.

  13. Antonio
    May 19th, 2016

    Hi all, do you the last dump for ccna 200-125?
    Thanks in advance
    email: {email not allowed}

  14. Rahul
    June 1st, 2016

    i am not able to access topologyand CLI of router…where can i check the commands??

  15. BBC
    July 5th, 2016

    How many IP address that can be assigned to hosts does this LAN support(Including the IP address of E0/0 interface of R1)?
    Answer should be 60 as Network and Broadcast ID can not be assigned to any host. But in lab challenges it’s given as 62.

  16. Anonymous
    July 11th, 2016

    please send the link of latest dumps

  17. 9tut
    August 1st, 2016

    @BBC: The answer was correct. We have 2^6 = 64 IP addresses for this subnet. But Network and Broadcast IP addresses cannot be used so we have 62 IP addresses.

  18. ab.raj
    September 18th, 2016

    Where do i type my show comments in the lab challenges? i am trying get the config info but there is nothing happening on the screen? PLEASE HELP ME

  19. 9tutq
    September 19th, 2016

    @ab.raj: Please type your “show” command into the single-line textbox.

  20. TITIT
    October 14th, 2016

    if you have problem for lab. Try to use another browser. (I used MS edge btw)

  21. MIMI
    February 3rd, 2017

    Anyone who has done CICD 210-060 exam

  22. Buyo-TZ
    April 3rd, 2017

    the quiz dont show up

  23. 9tut
    April 3rd, 2017

    @Please install latest Flash plugin at: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

  24. CICD exam
    April 10th, 2017

    is there anything on 9tut for CICD exam or CIVND1 & 2 exams ……looking to take the Collaboration Certification exams

  25. Vinicius
    August 17th, 2017

    The SIM is not working. Please, could you fix it? Thank you.

  26. 9tut
    August 17th, 2017

    @Vinicius: We see it is working normally. Please make sure you have installed latest Flash plugin at: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer and enable it on your web browser.

  27. huzaifa
    September 12th, 2017

    a blank page is opened when i click on show questions button

  28. DustChains
    November 18th, 2017

    Great Work 9TUT!!!. Well Done, Keep it Up!!

  29. John
    December 13th, 2017

    Nice Lab!

  30. muhammed
    February 28th, 2018

    the lab is not working !!! it just show a blank page

  31. zsolt
    May 6th, 2018

    Could you please send me the latest questions of CCNA? I will take the exam next week.
    Thank you.

  32. JJ
    July 11th, 2018

    Thank you for the practice!!!

  33. aka
    January 31st, 2019

    Can you please send me CCNA Dump. Will help me a lot! Thank you

  34. Sophea DAM
    February 14th, 2019

    Good Lab Challenge !!

  35. Zoro
    June 21st, 2019


  36. Alisha
    July 10th, 2019

    This sim is not working

  37. benny
    October 2nd, 2019

    Wow great thanks for this! I manage to get a perfect score :)

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