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Troubleshooting Lab Challenge 1 (OSPF)

July 25th, 2015 Go to comments

Your customer network is running OSPF. An engineer has edited the network configuration and now their users are experiencing network issues. They have contacted you to resolve the issues and return the network to full functionality.


Please access this lab challenge via this link: https://www.9tut.com/lab_challenges/TroubleShooting_Lab_Challenge_1/

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  1. Colin
    July 29th, 2015

    No network statements in router ospf 1
    R3 E0/0 admin shut

  2. Sultan
    July 30th, 2015

    hi there
    the lab is really messed up, plz check n confirm

  3. 9tut
    July 30th, 2015

    @Sultan: If you have any question about this lab, please post here. We will help you.

  4. Kreuxie
    August 13th, 2015

    How do I access the LAB?

  5. 9tut
    August 21st, 2015

    @Kreuxie: You just need to click on the link above.

  6. JD
    August 26th, 2015

    where is the link to get paid membership of 9tut?

  7. Rikki
    August 26th, 2015

    found 2:
    R3 – E0/0 shutdown
    router ospf – router id is wrong.

    please advise the correct answer. tq

  8. 9tut
    August 27th, 2015

    @Rikki: After answering all the questions in the quiz you will see the correct solution for each question.

  9. cisco lover
    September 13th, 2015

    if i provide wrong answer there is no correct answers given in review session
    for an example in question 2 there are 2 answers suitable those are
    2. an interface R3 is shutdown
    3. the ospf area IDs of R3 and R5 are mismatched
    but why you have given the 2nd answer ( an interface R3 is shutdown ) as correct ans

  10. 9tut
    September 13th, 2015

    @cisco lover: It is a bug in our simulator. Thanks for your information, we have just fixed it.

  11. cisco lover
    September 13th, 2015

    i noticed another problem on question 3 ( R1 and R4 cannot form an OSPF neighbor adjacency . what is causing this problem ? )

    actually there is Hello and dead time mismatch but you all given the answer as the ospf network between R1 &R4 are mismatched

    How could it be ???

  12. cisco lover
    September 14th, 2015

    hi 9tut any update regarding above question ??

  13. 9tut
    September 14th, 2015

    @cisco lover: Yes, thanks for your detection. We have just updated it.

  14. Coodyscoops
    October 21st, 2015

    hey @9tut, for question 4… I’m not sure if its intentional, but the correct answer isn’t entirely clear. The reason router 2 and 5 cant establish adjacency is because OSPF isn’t enabled on s1/0 on R5, but then the answer there is that the wrong network statement is on R5, which isn’t true since there weren’t any that I saw present on s1/0 anyway.

    Is question 4 supposed to be like that or am I right?


  15. 9tut
    October 21st, 2015

    @9tut: The wrong network statement here is “network area 125”. It should be “network area 125”.

  16. coodyscoops
    October 22nd, 2015

    ah yeah… i didnt even see that… thanks

  17. Anonymous
    January 25th, 2016

    is this lab coming in exam

  18. Lawrence Nehlor
    March 3rd, 2016

    I think lab need IP addresses to point out if the configuration in the network are ok.

  19. Anonymous
    March 21st, 2016

    Hi! I am planning to take the exam next week.. Is there any changes on the lab in the real exam? How about the concepts, are the dumps have same questions to be asked in the real exam? TIA..

  20. abdulai
    March 30th, 2016

    This lab is helpful

  21. sysco
    April 6th, 2016

    thanks for sim – helps a lot

  22. chinna
    July 21st, 2016

    where can i find explanation for the labs..

    what commands are useful. can some one post apart from sh run

  23. Dipa
    August 14th, 2016

    Question 6

    R4 and R5 has no same Area ID as well as different Hello and Wait time intervals.

    Which option should be chosen as ans ?

  24. Chittu
    October 9th, 2016

    Area between Router 1 and Router 2 are different (i.e at r1 12 and at r2 125)

    and interface eth0/0 are down at router 3

  25. 9tut guide me
    December 27th, 2016

    all questions answers are right or not?

  26. dood
    July 27th, 2017

    for most questions, “show ip ospf interface [eth0/1 or whatever]” and “show ip ospf int brief” will give you what you need. For the R1/R3 question this is enough, but you can verify with “show ip ospf”

  27. Anonymous
    August 23rd, 2017

    Hai friends,
    Help me, how do i get configuration of all the routers

  28. Satia
    September 7th, 2017

    Hi 9tut Admin,

    once access to https://www.9tut.com/lab_challenges/TroubleShooting_Lab_Challenge_1/ , cant view any Router configuration. Kindly advise

  29. 9tut
    September 7th, 2017

    @Satia: Please click on the “R1-4” button to access the CLIs of the routers then type your “show” commands into the single-line textboxes to get the outputs to answer the questions.

  30. Stan
    October 5th, 2017

    Hi 9tut Admin, the topology link seemed to be broken, it showed below:

    9tut.com has just been updated!
    9tut.com has been updated so some old links don’t work but surely you will find an alternative link for the topic you are looking for. Please visit the home page the find the category you are interested in.
    Please click on the following link to go to homepage.

    Please advise.

  31. Stan
    October 5th, 2017

    Noticed the same issue with EIGRP lab challenge.

  32. 9tut
    October 6th, 2017

    @Stan: Thanks for your information. We have just fixed the topology links.

  33. DustChains
    November 19th, 2017

    Question No: 6 (For Me, Might Change for others) R1 & R3 cannot form an OSPF neighbor adjacency. What is causing this problem?
    **They say that the answer is “R3 is configured with wrong router-id”. But when we see the configurations using “show ip ospf” both R1 & R3 has the same router-id.

  34. Anonymous
    December 7th, 2017

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  35. John
    December 13th, 2017

    Thank you

  36. zsolt
    May 6th, 2018

    Could you please send me the latest questions of CCNA? I will take the exam next week.
    Thank you.

  37. Iftikhar
    May 7th, 2018

    zsolt I have same matter like you. I am also appearing next week for CCNA (R&S)
    If your got dumps please share with me or if any body have it….. iftikhar(AT)WUM.EDU.PK

  38. chris
    June 6th, 2018

    R2 and R5 cannot form an ospf neighbor adjacency. what causing this problem?
    ans: wrong network statement on R5

    But in R5 there is no ospf defined in the interface s1/0. Either the config of R5 is wrong or the answer is wrong(choices is wrong

  39. JJ
    July 11th, 2018


    The lab ans is CORRECT. The ospf network statement should be declared inside R5 interface Serial 1/0.
    But instead, the network statement is declared as if its network type is ‘BROADCAST’. In this case, R5 running-config indicated that the network type of interface S1/0 is a ‘POINT TO POINT’. Thus the network statement on R5 is wrong.

  40. JJ
    July 11th, 2018

    Thank You 9tut!
    I am looking forward to more lab/troubleshooting exercises!

  41. Thang
    August 2nd, 2018


  42. Erik
    September 9th, 2018

    Be careful with some questions that have the choice: “Wrong network statement is on R5/R3/R1”.
    Because this one only cause to problem if we configure OSPF on router with “network” command:
    R1(config)# router ospf 1
    R1(config-router)# network area 0

    However, in 9tut, they configure OSPF on each specific interface of router:
    R1(config)# int e0/1
    R1(config-if)# ip ospf 1 area 0

    There’s no “network” command here, that’s why we can immediately exclude that choice.
    Hope it help!!!

  43. Anonymous
    November 5th, 2018

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